You Know You Grew Up Dreaming of Owning a Corvette - Let Jerry's Auto Group Make that Dream a Reality


There's only one Chevrolet Corvette, and there's only one car dealership in the Lennox area you can go to and fulfill all of your Corvette childhood fantasies. Jerry's Auto Group is the #1 Corvette dealer in the Midwest, and we're proud to bring this phenomenal, classic sportscar to our neighbors and friends.

The Corvette has been the stuff of dreams for many drivers growing up during the last several decades. Legendary style, performance, and prowess are all on display in this model, which has changed and morphed a lot over time, but has always maintained that wild animal feel Sioux Falls drivers have always loved about this car.

Whether you're the type of Midwest driver who gravitates towards classic cars and older models, or you're strictly a modern-day, current model year type of person, there's a Corvette for you in the collection here at Jerry's Auto Group on South Dakota.

Our classic collection of cars, trucks, and, of course, Corvettes is hard to beat, and we invite any classic car lover in the Midwest to browse our online pages, discover these incredible cars for yourself, and then stop by and meet yours in person.

At Jerry's Auto Group, we don't just enjoy matching our customers up with their ideal classic Corvette, we also get a kick out of introducing Corvette fans to each other. That's why we love taking part in annual get togethers, like the Black Hills Corvette Classic that was held last month. Hundreds of Corvette owners from all over brought their cars, and their love for everything Corvette, to our annual event earlier this summer for a day of celebration and appreciation. The July 18th event was so much fun, we're already looking forward to next year!

Ready to become a part of the nationwide family of classic Corvette fans? Stop by Jerry's Auto Group, meet our incredible selection of available cars, and join our Corvette gathering next year to meet performance car fans who have the same appreciation for style and tradition as you.

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