Fall's Here! Service Your Vehicle at Jerry's Auto Group Today!

Fall has officially made its way to SD, and with the drop in temperature comes many automotive challenges. Cool weather can cause select components of your car, truck, or SUV to wear down much faster. As such, it's important to stay on top of routine maintenance! Fortunately for drivers around Sioux Falls, Lennox, and surrounding South Dakota areas, we have you covered at Jerry's Auto Group Service Center.

What are Some Auto Parts That Require Attention in the Fall?

There are many parts of your vehicle that require careful attention during this season.

Engine Belts and Internal Hoses— The belts and hoses underneath the hood are critical for optimum performance. In fact, they are largely responsible for the functionality of your radiator, engine, and AC unit. High temperatures have an adverse effect on these items, wearing them thin and causing them to break in worst case scenarios.

Essential Fluids — You should be getting essential fluids like oil and coolant regularly replenished or replaced throughout the year. Fall is no exception. In fact, did you know that heat can impact the viscosity of select liquids? That is why different grades are offered to suit changing temperatures. Without doing so, you may face more costly repairs in the long-run.

Air Conditioning System — Heatwaves affect not only automobiles but drivers, too. Studies show that heat can lead to fatigue and driving while drowsy is in many ways similar to driving while intoxicated. That is where your air conditioning system comes into play. With a properly working unit, you can keep internal temperatures cool and stave off the feeling of sleepiness when you're on your commute.

Tires — As with the fluids of your vehicle, there are different tires for the ever-changing seasons. This is because rubber compounds vary. Without the correct tires, you can wear down tread more quickly, cause inflation to flux, and even put at the risk of a blowout.

What Can Our Vermillion Service Center Do for You?

With all the issues listed above, you can see why maintaining your vehicle for the Fall is equally as important as in the winter. Thankfully, we can address all these points and more at our auto shop near Beresford and Brandon, South Dakota. With our technicians by your side, you can take care of your car and make sure you travel safely, every day. So, if a checkup is in order, do not wait. Schedule your next appointment with us soon!

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