Jerry's Red Carpet Consignment Offers a Handy Alternative to Simply Selling Your Car

When it's time to say goodbye to a vehicle, there are a few paths you can take towards off-loading your current ride and putting its value towards something else. Did you know that one of those paths is consignment here at Jerry's Auto Sales? If you don't want to deal with selling your vehicle, our team can take care of it for you and sell it on consignment so that you can dodge the hassles and still reap a variety of benefits!

Why sell your vehicle on consignment?

We've been in the automotive business for decades, so we have plenty of experience with helping drivers near Lennox, SD reach all sorts of automotive goals ranging from buying to selling and more. You can depend on us to go above and beyond during your consignment process.

From handling DMV details and paperwork to ensuring that your car ends up on several major websites for maximum visibility, we have you covered when it comes to setting you up for consignment success.

What does the consignment process entail?

Selling your car on consignment near Sioux Falls and Beresford, SD begins with a consultation at our dealership to go over the details and come to a consignment agreement.

With the consultation and agreement done, the fun begins. After a 115-point inspection, a handwashing, and 25 to 40 professionally-snapped photos for the online listing, your vehicle's next stop is a host of popular car sales websites. Then, it's just a matter of time (usually 15 to 60 days).

Learn more about our Red Carpet Consignment

Ready to learn more about selling your vehicle on consignment near Brandon, SD and Vermillion, SD? We'll gladly walk you through the details at our dealership, so be sure to visit soon and meet our team. We're eager to help!