The 2019 TrailManor RV's are for Sale in Lennox

Excellent RV's are for sale right here in Lennox, and the 2019 TrailManor lineup we have available at Jerry's Auto Group is a premier option to choose from. With different models at competitive rates, a TrailManor trailer won't ever let you down, and it's easy to see why at our dealership near Lennox, SD.

Our New RV Inventory at Jerry's Auto Group

We have tons of inventory options for RV's, including the 272OQD, 272OQS, and the 2922KB. We have TT trim and competitive pricing for you to enjoy for sale here in Lennox.

Why TrailManor RV's? Highlights

From innovation to go where you may want to detailed floorplans, to incredible towing ability with lighter and easier equipped trailers, you won't find a better trailer than here at TrailManor.

What are the reasons to choose TrailManor? Some popular reasons include:

  • Fuel Economy: TrailManor trailers can tow up to 100 miles on only one extra gallon of gas
  • Easy towing: A minivan, crossover, or SUV can tow a TrailManor trailer
  • Simple Setup: It only takes two minutes to assemble
  • Storage: A standard 30 foot trailer fits in most garages
  • Multiple Floorplans: Amenities you'd expect in an upscale cabin are widely standard in the floorpans
  • Construction: TrailManor RV's may cost slightly more, but that's due to the inherent higher quality

Interior Features

Polystyrene foam insulates the walls for strength, which greatly reduces weight and increases the lightweight nature of the trailer. In the interior, counter space is plentiful, polished pewter hardware, bright maple cabinets, and more decorate a standout cabin.

Schedule a Test Drive

We have the inventory to find the perfect RV for you so that you can start your adventure at any time for sale in Lennox, SD. If you have any questions whatsoever, then we would gladly assist you in any way we can.

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